Lost In The Ivy | About
In 2007, I started a research project entitled, Lost In The Ivy. The project focused on documenting the history and experience of Black students, faculty, and staff at Vanderbilt University. The early work on the project focused overwhelmingly on contacting older Black alumni to recover and preserve as much of the past as possible before it was forever lost. However, to ensure that I did not miss the historical significance of the present and future, in August 2007, I trained a team of students to serve as "visual historians" by taking photographs and video footage of essentially every Black event that happened on campus. I honestly was not prepared for the volume of photos that the students would go on to take. In their first two years, the students recorded over 30,000 pictures! Unfortunately, these images were not publicly displayed and only lived in catalogs on my computer. In 2009, after several requests, this website was launched as part of the Lost in the Ivy research project. Roughly 9 years later, the website contains over 210,000 images from approximately 35 different student photographers. The website provides an avenue to showcase student work, keep alumni informed of what's happening on campus, and provide current students with a visual record of the historical mark that they are leaving on the Vanderbilt campus through the experiences and memories they create!